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Get notified of new pre-order items and new pre-owned items which matches your interests!

> Add keywords to your watch list, and you'll get an email notification (instant or daily digest) whenever new items match your keywords.

Search Amiami more easily and with greater detail!

> Default number of items per search page is 50. Item pages automatically look for additional new or pre-owned items. Item pages also display stock remaining. One-click price comparisons with other shops.

Pre-order sold out before you managed to get one?

> Add the item to your track list, and we will email you if it restocks.

Track pre-owned items on Mandarake as well!

> Add keywords to your watch list for email notifications. is currently in beta.

If the notification script goes down, I will only be able to debug and restart it when I get off work. The website should still be up, but you won't get any notification emails.

To check status, go to The notification script updates every ~1.5 min, so if it doesn't update for more than 5 minutes, it is down.

v0.14: Mandarake item tracker is now available!

v0.13.2: ANN news tracker is up! See only anime news you care about! MAL list importer for your convenience too.