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Why only Amiami? I hate Amico!

I personally have only bought from Amiami and Amazon JP. If you would like your favourite sites to be included, email me and I'll consider doing them if enough people ask for it.

How do you get the in stock numbers for products?

It's available through the Amiami api call, so I'm simply displaying it. I can imagine it being useful in determining whether a product is heading straight to bargain bin or running out of stock.

I went to Amiami as soon as I saw your notification email, but the item was sold-out already?

Amiami often adds the item entry first with 0 stock, followed by updating the stock availability a few minutes later. You can use this time to log in to your Amiami account, and mash F5. Alternatively, you can use to track the item, and you will get another email the minute the item's stock counter is 1 or more.
If the item truly did never go in stock, email me with the details and maybe I can find out why.

How fast is the 'instant' notification? checks Amiami/Mandarake every ~1-2 mins for updates to their inventory, and email notifications get sent out immediately.

Are free users' notifications delayed?

No, there is no artificial delays added to anyone's notifications. It is not uncommon for hundreds of email notifications to be generated at the same time, and emails will be sent out in order of subscription status, but the time difference should not exceed the couple of minutes it takes for the entire email queue to be sent.

I found a bug!!

Email me.

Why did you make this site?

I didn't have the dedication to refresh Amiami and various figure websites on a daily basis, and missed out on many figures as a result. So I decided to create a notification website to do this refreshing for me.


For any other questions, please email